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corruption in politics is a given now days but the fact that the majority of the american people are willing to not only put up with it but possibly vote it in is just mind boggling !

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obaba and hillary are trying to destroy America so they can implement the new world order, PLEASE America VOTE TRUMP to get rid of the political corruption in our country and make America safe, proud, and great again!

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Chicago Police Downplays Torture: Kids Make “Stupid Decisions”: Politically corrupt department withers under pressure

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Wake up America! Lots of awful things have happened and we are not learning it! Educate yourselves!

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I agree, if your dealing with a Narcissist please do your research and find out more about narcissism, borderline personality and their defence mechanism (projection, gaslighting, displacement, spitting, divide and conquer tactics, triangulation etc). Ignorance, fear and submission is what the narcissist feeds on.

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Twelve Must-Reads From The Intercept in 2016

Revisit stories that bring our present reality into sharper focus, covering political corruption, environmental crimes, military adventurism, and more.

Strange. .... I have heard of many types of cars that do not run on oil. I know of one made with magnets that would run great. The man that made it sold the patent for a few million.

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