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Quincy, M.E. ran from 1976 to 1983. Quincy (Jack Klugman) and Sam (Robert Ito) are working as Coroners. Inspecting dead people they often see facts that don't match the theories of the police how or if really they were murdered.

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Shetland < This series is VERY good, I'm hoping there working on a new season. Its a crime show that takes place in the Shetland islands in Scotland. The scenery is breath taking to watch. Plus the accents are the greatest thing to listen to :)

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80S TV Actors | Another '80s TV Series Remembered, Immediately Put on Film Fast-Track ...

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Ronnie's Corbett & Barker. loved them ...when Saturday evening entertainment on the box was great. Robbie Corbett's Autobiography of the Two Ronnies "And it's goodnight from him" brought back great memories of their shows.

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Charlie's Angels........Farrah was my idol.....I had all of the Charlies Angels Barbie dolls when I was little

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It's Phil Esterhaus from Hill Street Blues! I loved it when he ended roll call with this phrase.

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Got to visit the set on a trip to Hawaii when I was 16. Met Jack Lord, who called me "Honey" - I was over the moon!

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Unforgotten (2015) Police start to investigate when the bones of a young man are found under the footings of a demolished house 39 years after his murder.

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