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Police Station Number

Need to practise blending in a fun, physical way? Try 'Bouncy Blending'! Lay out how ever many hoops you need for the number if sounds. Put one sound next to each hoop in order. Then ask a child to bounce into each hoop and shout the sounds. They orally blend the word as they jump out of the last hoop! #eyfs #earlyyears #earlyyearsliteracy #earlyreading #phonicgames #phonics #outside #aceearlyyears


This engaging activity is great for subitising and learning the first 6 jolly phonics sounds at the same time! Students roll a six sided dice and cross the letter which corresponds with the number on the table. First player to cross off all their sounds wins!


The 20 photographs of the week

Survivors from a boat that capsized off Egypt’s north coast are photographed at a police station in Rosetta. The number of dead in the migrant boat disaster climbed to 148 on Friday as rescuers recovered more bodies from the Mediterranean