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#DICTATORS:Why #African dictators can't do away with #DISORDERLY law The offence of being Iddle and Disorderly is one of the strong weapons that African dictatorial regimes use to suppress political dissent and agitation. It mostly targets the unemployed youth who are the major victims of poor economic mismanagement that leaves them with no economic prospects. This law gives the police powers to arrest anyone whom they suspect could be in some public place with the aim of airing out his…

PICTURES: #HumanRights #Defiance; What is going on in #Uganda? The Arab Spring started out of frustration. A young man who was well educated could not get a job. He went on the street selling vegetables and fruits one day a lady police officer kicked down his stand and slapped him in the face. Tunisia jad many highly educated young women and men who were trying to make a living. The young man picked himself up and went home. He soon returned with a container of peteo fuel poured it on…

How to Become a Police Officer in California

How to Become a Police Officer #infographics Haha! Police Officers in what state make this median salary!? I want my husband and I to move there! Lmao!


Depending on a police officer's rank, they can make up to $114,000. Check out for more information on a police officer salary.


Raped police officer offered cash to quit - "A female police officer who was sexually assaulted by a male colleague has spent nearly three years being sidelined from her job – and says she is now being offered a few months’ salary to quit." Crap like this really pisses me off...


Police Officer Salary Trend - Nypd Police Officer $31,000 Police Officer Law Enforcement $66,000 Military Law Enforcement Officer $66,000 Custom Protection Security Officer $25,000 Military Police Police Officer $11,000 Upscale Security Officer Guard $21,000 Explosive Ordnance Disposal $122,000 Police Officer Lateral $70,000 Police Officer Recruit $56,000

What Do Park Police Officers Do?

Learn about United States Park Police Officers' job duties and salary outlook and find out how they protect the nation's people and landmarks.