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Britain still had an empire to run and in 1876 any young men ardent for some desperate glory would make their way to the Mitre and Dove public house. There the recruiting sergeants of any number of regiments would cajole young aspirants to military honors. The local police officer is second from left!


Two suspected armed robbers arrested in Berekum -

A Tough Beat for a Detective: Recruiting Black Police Officers

A Tough Beat for a Detective: Recruiting Black Police Officers - The New York Times

Mulcair promises $250M for 2,500 new 'front-line' police officers

NDP Leader Tom Mulcair promised an initial $250 million injection into a renewed Police Officer Recruitment Fund to get 2,500 new officers into communities across Canada.

Two Greater Manchester Police officers strike a pose for the camera in one of a series of image intended to be used in a recruitment campaign in 1977. The location is the famous Bruche Police Training Centre near Warrington. Police officers from many local forces trained at the centre between 1946 and its closure in 2006. From the archives of our museum.


POLICE OFFICER JOBS - We've tried to answer as many of your questions about police officer recruitment as possible. Click the below link for details about ages / qualifications needed / transferees / previous applicants and more. You can also register your interest on the specially created webpage. Thank you and good luck.


Police recruitment an ongoing battle - The state appears to be suffering from a police officer shortage, with several of those openings in Norwich. Read more: #CT #Norwich #Connecticut #Police #Recruitment #Recruiting #NewRecruits #CTPolice