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Police Abbreviation

It's hilarious how my grandma used abbreviations all over her texts and emails to me

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strlightmuser: egberts: charleypollard: no. ...

strlightmuser: egberts: charleypollard: no. exempli gratia (for example) and id est (that is) I didn’t take three years of Latin to deal with this. FOR MY ENTIRE LIFE I THOUGH “I.E.” WAS IN EXAMPLE AND “E.G.” WAS SOME DUMB WAY OF SAYING “EGGSAMPLE” OR SOMETHING OH MY GOOOD This changed my life

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I love hiphop, Learn how to freestyle rap here: #hiphop

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Could knowing these 'secret' sexting codes help you protect your child?

In response to the fears many anxious parents have a police service has issued a list of abbreviations on their Facebook page

Police Abbreviations

"My brother told me, 'If you want everyone to love you, join the fire department. If you want half the people to love you but half the people to hate you, go ahead and be on the police department.'" — Officer Michael Pecha, Omaha (Neb.) Police Department.