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Nice but why don't girls wear messenger bags in pokemon x and y<< I wish they had messenger bags for girls on X and Y!

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Pokemon - I Demand For Sinnoh Remakes!<< some one else shares my dream

Pokemon Greninja EX XY20 Holofoil Promo Card FROM 2014 Tin (XY-20)

Pokemon Greninja EX Holofoil Promo Card FROM 2014 Tin | Toys & Hobbies, Collectible Card Games, Pokémon Trading Card Game | eBay!

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Lillie & Cosmog

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I'm either like Hilda/White/Touku from Pokemon Black and White, or like Serena from Pokemon X and Y...

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Yes let Trevenant finish him off get a new main character.....then again...Ash is immortal...

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Universal Studios Singapore

Todos sabemos lo fuerte que está pegando Pokémon Go, un juego desarrollando por Niantic y Nintendo que llevaba en desarrollo desde hace tiempo y que ahora está disponible para casi todo el mundo, e…

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