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Pokemon Valhalla - Battle Frontier - Lista Odcinków


Kristi, Love weight lifting, running, hiking and yoga. I suffer from GAD and depression and use this blog to help keep my mental and physical health up to par with my everyday life :) Always happy to answer any and all questions! :) Don't be shy!


Glowing Phoenix Wings - Illuminated Feather Shoulders LED Fire Scale Unisex Armor

38 uniquely designed and gorgeously detailed feathers are made from laser-cut and engraved mirrored acrylic and joined together by hand with stainless steel jump rings and chains. Replaceable CR 2032 coin batteries power several accolyte LED's that are added underneath to provide a magical glow. O-shaped gate ring clasps in the front and back, as well as clasps connecting chains under the arms keep the piece in place on your body while allowing to move while you dance. The easily adjustable…


Funny vikings Memes | Vikings are pokemon fans before it was cool – LOL and Funny Picture ...


Our Ruby and Sapphire costumes from Anime North 2016! Which basically got me off my butt to make this blog because I’m so in love with how they turned out. Can’t wait to get a proper photoshoot done....


Alice in Chains: To Hell and Back

Alice In Chains' Layne Staley on the February 8, 1996 cover. #longreads