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These handy reference images were taken from Reddit/Imgur. Go give the original author jadael some credit please. Here are all the 151 Pokemon names along with their types. See the full list over at the Pokemon Go IGN Pokedex page. Bulbasaur (Type1: Grass, Type2: Poison) Ivysaur (Type1: Grass, Type2: Poison) Venusaur (Type1: Grass, Type2: Poison) …

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all of the pokemon cards names in the world with pictures printout list | Pokemon: The First Movie

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How can you identify her but not Masked Royal. HAU. *I stick with the name MC (Main Character) because in my mind Moon is the sweet girl who emote a lot more than this perpetual smiler.

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Lemme go show Garry Oak (I named him the fuzz) how it's done

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Design 50 outfits for your OC - blank meme by *Fyne-Q on deviantART
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Those names are really weird… It's kinda funny how the characters in the Anime don't notice that they're named after foods…

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Offbeat Nature Baby Names List for Boys and Girls. I have so many more, like the wonderful Moss. I'll have to do a sequel. :) Any favorites you'd like to suggest for the second edition? (Thanks for pointing out the errors, but these are just made by me for fun and are free for you, so sometimes there will be little mistakes--one is out of order, and Nova appears twice. Eucalypt was intentional, although Eucalyptus is also nice.):

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