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Emperor Shrimp (Periclimenes imperator) on Nudibranch. is a species of shrimp with a wide distribution across the Indo-Pacific. It lives commensally on a number of hosts, including the sea slug Hexabranchus.


Alfred "Al Walker" Embarrato a.k.a. "Alfred Scalisi" a.k.a." Aldo Elvorado" (November 12, 1909 – February 21, 2001) was a New York mobster who became a caporegime of the Bonanno crime family and a powerful labor figure at The New York Post distribution plant.


study-tudy-udy-dy-y: Gonna finish this up then continue with Maths Poisson Distribution. Oh god I have so much shit to do tonight.


Poisson distribution is one of the important topics of statistics. This poisson distribution examples will guide you to understand this concept better. First a brief description is given about poisson distribution and then further examples are given on poisson distribution. Understand the concept here and gain quality statistics help.

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Evil Poisson Distribution Plushie

Evil Poisson Distribution plushie by @NausicaaDist. Yes please! Can I have a Negative Binomial too?