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Acorns were major in the diet of almost every Native American culture. Acorns help keep blood sugar levels down & provide tons of complex carbs & protein. Rich in vitamins B12, B6, folate riboflavin, thiamin & niacin & a good source of calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, manganese, sodium, copper & zinc as well as fiber. The tannic water it produces is antiviral & antiseptic. It can be used as a wash for rashes, skin irritations, burns, cuts, abrasions & poison ivy. #dherbs

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Plantain Herb: the anti-toxin

Narrow-leaf plantain, a very common weed that can be used to treat poison ivy rashes.

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MUGWORT, WITCH, HERB, APOTHECARY, book of shadows, divination, concecration, psychic, tarot, AVAILABLE HERE:

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[With Passion'd Breath Does The Darkness Creep] --The mark slowly poisons its host, draining the color of life from its flesh and replacing it with Fade-Green

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