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Never will I be able to do ballet, but it will always be the most elegant and beautiful dances out there

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Nutcracker Snow Queen/Snowflake in white. Frozen "ice" crystals, snowflakes, and Swarovski accents. Ready to ship. Decorated pointe shoe

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This is actually a little incorrect it's good to have the strength to go over your box. You just shouldn't do it as a beginner!

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Top View of a pointe shoe. This article is about the anatomy of a pointe shoe: how shoes are made and used...marvelous!

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Sometimes happens with my feet when had a 2 hour dance rehearsal on point at the…

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How Should Pointe Shoes Fit?

Many Different kinds of pointe shoes, and its amazing how they can make each a perfect fit for any foot

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a beautiful pair of Bloch pointe shoes that I decorated in Swarovski crystals and donated for a charity auction.

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