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Those we love don't go away. I can still smell you when I hug your stuffed animals on the bed. I still feel you when I swing on your swing set. I still say rise and shine at granny's when I go into your room on the weekends. I love you so much and am longing for the day you will break free and be back in our life. I will never give up until I am not breathing anymore.


My dad would have been 66 this week. He never got to see any of his children get married or meet his grandchildren. Life is a cruel mistress. I know he rests easier than he did on Earth but it doesn't take away the hole I have in my heart. Love you dad xx


Such a beautiful message about those that we love, who have passed on, now being our angels. Their spirit is never far from you. Sometimes you just have to get very still and quiet to feel their presence. Many blessings,


This is for my dad who passed away peacefully last night. No amount of words can describe how we feel but this one brought tears to my eyes. R.I.P dad, may you forever walk along the shores with Andy by your side


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