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Alfred wants to play the Pocky game, but it looks like Matthew's got some plans of his own! - Art by アイル on Pixiv, found via Zerochan

from Fangirling: Manami Style

Pocky Game Instructions

Pocky Game Instructions | Fangirling: Manami Style Learned from Kaichou Wa Maid Sama

Ezreal and Lux, the second best pairing in League "you don't need to play the pocky game to get a kiss." <== cute =w=

One of my favorite moments in the manga was when Takumi got Misaki to play the Pocky Game in the student council room. I think this image is from that <3

from wikiHow

Play the Pocky Game

How To Play The Pocky Game 1. Get a partner or a group to play this game with. 2. Take a stick of Pocky out of the box. 3. Put one end in you mouth, and the other person puts the other end in their mouth. 4. Bite the pocky until it gets smaller and smaller. If both continue, the two participants' lips will touch. Whoever breaks the kiss, losses the game.