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karunagi 垃圾 - 56.

I kenat bess 😂 *nosebleed* Nagisa xx Karma 😍❤️

Death Note, L  How?? I wanna draw like that...

Death Note, L How? I wanna draw like that. It looks like he wants to play the Pocky game though. >:D<<don't worry guys, I'll play the pocky game with L.

"Why did you do that!?" "Because Ia know you would of given a cute reaction." Chuu*

If you look up Pocky anime it has so many images like this so I'm going to grab a box of Pocky and see if I can get a boyfriend lol

anime, yuri, and yuri on ice image

How can this man be both drop dead sexy and too pure at the same time -_- Jupiter

Pocky? by jennyandloiryan.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

Víctor chantageando a Yu ri desde tiempos inmemorables XD

Momo and Mina Pocky Game - Happy Birthday Momo

Momo and Mina Pocky Game - Happy Birthday Momo

Ezreal and Lux, the second best pairing in League "you don't need to play the pocky game to get a kiss." <== cute =w=

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