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Don’t Let a Pocket Veto Destroy Your Meeting

VIRE was $525, now $263 Weather the Storm on Cloud Nine. The warm and puffy Vire jacket makes frosty days a fun adventure. It’s loosely quilted with long sleeves and side pockets. Zip the front zipper enclosure (bolstered by snaps) from the below the hip hemline, to the very top, and you’ve got a cozy collar to protect your neck and more. Veto, the horizontal brush stroke-like pattern is a Marimekko classic, designed by Maija and Kristina Isola. Made of 100% tk. Details…

Tommy Shelby played by Cillian Murphy in "Peaky Blinders" I was sure I wasn't getting better from pneumonia because of all of the cigs he was smoking when I binged on season 1 & 2. I love him. And Arthur


Just read that Christie pocket vetoed this. With a pocket veto, he only had to wait 10 days and not sign it. The bill died. Had he vetoed it, he would have had to give a reason. With a pocket veto, he doesn't have to explain a thing.....


Obama's pocket veto on shaky legal ground, experts say

Obama uses a controversial -- and some say unconstitutional -- tool called the "protective return pocket veto."

from Washington Post

President Obama’s recent vetoes were unconstitutional. Congress should sue him.

There's a pocket veto, and there's a regular veto. Presidents don't get to combine them.