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What happens when Princesses stop being nice, and start getting real? "Pocket Princesses" is the brainchild of artist Amy Mebberson and reads like Real World:

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wearing pink with red hair-Pocket Princess 25 - Disney Princess. I think my two red headed princess look great in pink

Pocket Princesses 208: Winter Sale  Please reblog, don’t repost, edit or remove captions  Facebook - Instagram

Anna & Elsa (Drawing by PocketPrincesses [For the full description and/or other pictures in the series, see my board "Pocket Princesses"]

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Pocket Princess Fan Art Just Proves How Friendly the Disney Princesses Are to Each Other

If u notice the princesses are going in order from when they were put in films(starting from the bottom, going to the top)

Disney princesses welcoming Anna and Elsa (and Olaf. And Sven). Cx l love how they go up the mountain in order of what Disney princess/movie is older to newer!