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In this amazing educational video, we introduce singular and plural nouns. There are many rules for forming plural forms of nouns, and at times, no rules. This is

This is a cheap and simple way to practice plurals with students: write the noun on the sentence strip, fold the right hand corner to cover up whatever gets taken away on the reform of the word, then write the new ending that makes the word plural.


Holiday Nouns! (identifying types of nouns, plural nouns, and sorting nouns)

Here is a fun and festive product to help your students with nouns during an exciting Christmas season! There are 18 different printables/activities for you to use for teaching, assessment, with partners, homework, etc. Your students will: *change singular nouns to plural nouns (regular and irregular) *change plural nouns back to singular *write the plural form of nouns in sentences *find the plural form of nouns in a word search *look at festive pictures and identify nouns within the ...


Irregular Plural Nouns

Irregular Nouns Task Cards (48) 24 task cards - write plural form of noun when given the singular form 24 task cards - write singular form of noun when given plural form 48 cards - 24 nouns used... grades 2-3 ($3.00)