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Plum Brunette (Mane Interest)

Hair coloring has to be done at intervals, based on the form of hair color that you elect for. Mind well, that an incorrect hair color can instantly destroy your looks.

winter-hair-color-ideas - plum.. I would love this                              …

Definitely considering this from one of my grow-out colors once my roots become too prominent. NOT bleaching anything again anytime soon!

I've been wanting to try this color but guess I'll stay with blonde since unseemly peeps seem to be drawn to this color.

If i ever dyed my hair a crazy color. Mulberry hair color inspiration myth among myths

Mulberry                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Burgundy hair color is a dark red violet shade that is dramatic and memorable. It suits people with complexions that are dark or olive-toned and looks striking with brown or icy blue eyes.