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There is multiple Red imagery in "Alias Grace". The red stands for hunger and shame. Grace places a Red apple up to her forehead during her confrontation with the doctor, as a sign of her hunger.


Roderick Stevens 'Splash II' 4-piece Gallery-wrapped Canvas Panel Art Set by Trademark Fine Art

This ready to hang, gallery-wrapped art piece features a cherries, apple, lemon, and strawberries being dropped in water. Internationally collected, award winning artist, Roderick E. Stevens II was ha


I plop down on my bed, the disappointing night running through my head. Mr. Meow, my beloved kitty I smuggled into my dorm room, jumps up next to me. I snatch him up and he goes pliant in my arms, his fluffy white coat vibrating with quiet purrs. At least one guy in my life still likes me.