Water wall  Love this. Also like the idea of something that is changeable.more flexible. But using wood is appealing and the water stays against the "wall" so it has the thrill of movement w/o getting children very wet.  That's appealing.

Water wall play feature cool website with other outdoor ideas for kids

19 Inches Wide and 14 Inches Tall Toddler Busy Board. This board comes with all that is displayed. Custom orders can be sent for additional items needed, changes needed,quantity needed and for faster delivery options This item is a ready to made item and is always available for order.  Safety is also very important. The board is made of clean and smooth wood. The edges and corners of the board are round shaped and comes sanded. Most of the items are attached to the board, but please keep in…

Toddler Busy Board,Busy Board,Activity Board,Alzheimer,Alzheimer Activities,Dementia

Woodland role play area;love this for the Gruffalo's wood

Great detail in an outdoor themed circle center or role playing area.

Easy DIY wooden sandpit with fold out benches made with decking boards and a sheet of tarpaulin.

DIY Wooden Sandpit with Lid and Benches

Playground Build & Design | Natural Child Play | Earth Wrights Ltd

Natural Playground: This is fun. This is how kids play on jungle gyms.

Dirt + rocks + wood + trucks = mini construction zone | Such a great idea for kids, especially if they love trucks!

Small World Play: Construction Tray

Role play area - Camping site. Oh for the money!

Role play area - Camping site Thoughts for Allaso Ranch

Create a stand-out backdrop for your big day with these hand-crafted paper flowers.

Set Of 10 Handmade Hanging Paper Flowers

River coffee table made of old solid timber. Filled with transparent epoxy resin and blue transparent glass. Legs made of metal coated with mat black colour.  It's unique, one of a kind solid piece of wood. The unique combination of tree rings to bring out the effect of the variety of colors.  Dimensions: 98x84 cm and 40 cm height (centimeters) 38,5x33 in and 15,8 in height (inches)

SOLD Live edge river coffee table with transparent epoxy inlay SOLD

Using the wooden sewing discs with nuts and bolts - from Rachel (",)

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