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Sandtray Therapy: The Mother of all Therapy Techniques - by guest blogger Amy Flaherty, LPE-I, RPT

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Play Therapy Techniques with a (Formerly!) Defiant Child

EVERY kid has hidden potential and capacity to thrive if given tools and opportunity. EVERY child can be encouraged, loved and guided to better self-esteem, self-concept and self-worth. EVERY kid deserves the chance to break out of old patterns of behavior and reinvent him or herself. And EVERY kid wants to be accepted and valued.

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Wonderful ideas for school counseling and play therapy. The author won "Writer of the Year" for this work.

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Sand Tray Therapy Techniques

Recently I was perusing the web for different sand tray techniques and decided to share the approaches I catalogued from other websites. Some of these I have tried, some I have not. If you h…

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Blending Play Therapy with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy: Evidence-Based and Other Effective Treatments and Techniques. Treatments therapists can use when working with children and adolescents.

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Thought bubbles to help kids examine what they are thinking - good for big questions, PSHE, P4C etc.

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World of Warcraft - Gold Farming Made Easy

Fun grammar game introducing contractions! Play a game or two of this Superhero themed Contractions Memory Game!

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The breathing sphere

This is by far one of my favorite play therapy tools to have available in my office. Online you can find and purchase them as a Hoberman's sphere. They come in various sizes but this particular on...

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Managing BIG Emotions: Take 5 Breathing

Take 5 Breathing Exercise for Kids - great for helping them learn to manage big emotions and stress. Printable poster.

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Here is a list of therapeutic toys that are commonly used in play therapy. from Van Fleet et. al (2012). Child Centered Play Therapy.

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Anger Iceberg

Secondary emotions worksheet. I'm always pushing my client to dig deeper than the anger to the "real" emotion. This graphic might help.

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Play Therapy Game Package for "101 Favorite Play Therapy Techniques"

This is a free app that creates a personalised book about a child in play therapy - helpful to help children understand play therapy etc.

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Playdough in Play Therapy

I just went to a training with Paul White and he talked about playdough in therapy. it was amazing. this is a good add on.

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Examples of Sand Tray Activities • "Create your own world" or "Tell me a story in this tray" • Client constructs representation of real-life experience, interaction or problem situation. • Can provide...

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FREE Play therapy activity book Here is a link to a great 120 page play therapy activity book compiled by Liana Lowenstein. My mentor also contributed :)

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This is a work sheet I designed for when I have a first therapy session with a child. It allows for me build rapport, get to know the basics, and to explore a couple in-depth items, such as fears and worries. Hope you enjoy and find this useful!

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Simple sheet that can be worked through with a pupil to help identify what happens when they feel angry and what they can do to relieve their anger. Two sheets available, with different skin tones.

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