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How to choose to perfect board game algorithm. Awesome :) Although they are missing some games... and some of them are a little "big bang theory-ish."

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My Top 10 Playstation Role-Playing Games (RPGs)

Persona Revelations Series- I woldnt mind have the Persona series! Although I don't have a playstation :( I just want to play 'em!

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It's Scary How Accurate These 23 Tweets Are About Dating And Relationships

22 Puns Made on Tumblr That Will Either Make You Laugh or Roll Your Eyes

On instagram by toysaurus23 #segamegadrive #microhobbit (o) finally got around to printing off a cover for my "Mega Everdrive". I don't like "naked" cartridges just hanging around. For those that don't know it's a special "Flash Cartridge" that uses an SD card which can pretty much store the entire sega library. Very similar to all the new sega handhelds on the market these days but in an actual cartridge form! The cartridge can play games from any region any sega…

Lemmings - Don't let the simple-sounding game deceive you, this is a cerebral game that makes you think quite a bit.