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A Parent's Guide to 'Pokemon' Part 1: Deck Building

Do your kids ask how to play Pokemon? Here's GeekMom's Guide to Playing Pokemon Part 1: Deck Building

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aaaw mew is so cute did you know that the person who did the voice for mew passed away

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Flare. He used to be team magma's "pet". He lives in the future. His flames are only strong when he is in DANGER really bad danger. He lives in a village and not many pokemon are there. Open

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10 Super Cool Pokemon Crafts

Kids playing Pokemon Go?! Get them to have a break (and you too!) but still have loads of fun with these awesome Pokemon crafts.

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Uther Pendragon with his PINK DS, ladies and gentlemen. Do you guys remember when they did that stuff for comic relief and they had hairdryers and stuff- I never laughed so hard in my life

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awwww ❤ making some of these myself someday when I become a crochet/knitting rockstar

Some Knitted Pokémons

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