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RetroN 4 Console Will Play NES, SNES, Genesis & Gameboy Through HDMI

RetroN 4 Console Will Play NES, SNES, Genesis & Gameboy Through HDMI!

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Play NES games from your couch thanks to this wireless adapter for the controllers

Never sit inches away from your TV again. Enjoy NES games from the comfort of your couch.

The Retro Receiver Lets You Play NES with Wireless Controllers


Sugar Hill Gang Rappers Delight 8-bit Music with Casino Kid Game Play NES

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We Played the Tiny NES Classic Console, and It’s 8 Bits of Awesome

Nintendo's plug-and-play NES Classic, with 30 built-in games, plays as good as it looks. And it looks awesome.

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RetroN 4 plays NES, SNES, Genesis and GBA carts, hides its looks (for now)

RetroN 4 will play NES, SNES, Genesis and GBA WANT!

A guy programmes an AI to learn to play NES games by itself. This is the AI learning to play Gradius, a very hard side scrolling shooter.


Shared by tropicalbits #supernintendo #microhobbit (o) #vs RDP - which one is your favorite? Ok so a lot of people always ask me which console is better between those two I can't answer that because at the end of the day is a matter of preference a like both and both got "pros and cons" but if you ask me I like the RDP more than the Supaboy just because I can play NES Genesis and Snes on the same console and some Snes titles that the Supaboy can't such as Mario RPG…


Adventures of Bayou Billy - Released in 1991 - #RetroGaming


John Elway has nothing better to do than play NES with some random kid? (1989) #SuperBowl #NFL #bitstory