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Carnivorous giant platypus with sharp teeth once roamed Australia

An artist's impression of the extinct platypus, which was one metre long and lived up to 15m years ago. Inset: scientists found the tooth em...

The giant anteater (Myrmecophaga tridactyla), also known as the ant bear, is a large insectivorous mammal native to Central and South America. It is one of four living species of anteater and is classified with the sloths in the order Pilosa. This species is the most terrestrial of the living anteaters, unlike its arboreal or semi-arboreal cousins. Its evolution may have been influenced by the expansion of savannas in South America.

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Platypus Genome Explains Animal's Peculiar Features; Holds Clues To Evolution Of Mammals


Platypus Evolution: Clicker Android Game - , Move monotremes on the screen. integrate sets on the same ones to mutate them into, good platypus. compete as an omnipotent god and create incredible and mysterious beasts in this Android game. Frankly communicating , monotremes are mysterious enough by themselves. Find out what they'll turn into if you speed their evolution! have same monotremes and with each brand-new time you'll get even immigrant critter. Don't forget to gather…