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Platinum Price History

1. History Supreme Worth a staggering $4.8 billion, the History Supreme is undoubtedly the most expensive superyacht ever imagined! The price tag of this 98-foot uber luxurious and opulent yacht is mostly due to its plating, with an estimate of 100 000 kg of gold and platinum. A number of extravagant and unusual pieces (including …

Digging Up History class (using handheld metal detectors). I usually try to create classes that get them out of their comfort zones and into nature. I was able to get permission to run a class I am calling Digging Up History. The class is designed to teach historical research/ analysis, search /recovery of artifacts using metal detectors, identification/preservation of artifacts, & ethics of metal detecting & importance of archeological research…

Optimus prime with drones Transformers Collector's Guide: Leader Class Optimus Prime (Transformers, Platinum Edition, Autobot): realtime price guide with history, pictures, and info for all parts, weapons, accessories, instructions, and specs.

2011 June Dallas Signature Platinum Natural History Auction .... Prices Realized. (I'm a little bit glad that I never thought of collecting dinosaur skeletons. Talk about needing more room!)

Platinum History, Jewelry, and Prices