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Guide to Growing Sunflowers -

Covers planting and thinning sunflower seeds; common problems, pests and diseases; how sunflowers are pollinated; how to choose varieties; and how to harvest sunflower seeds. Thorough, organized for easy reading, and gorgeous photos.:

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Planting sunflower seeds in eggshell 'cups' When the seeds sprout, just crush the shell a bit and plant the whole thing in the ground. Can also plant tomatoes or other veggies the same way.

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Gardening Tip~ Plant Cucumbers With Sunflowers ~ Cucumbers are sweeter when: 1) planted near sunflowers; 2) given lots of water. Both require similar soil the cucumbers can use the sunflower stalk as a natural trellis.... See More

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Best Fruit and Veg to Grow with Kids

We had great fun growing veg last year. But we had mixed results. Our pumpkins were a complete trauma but our herbs were fabulous and our...

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5 Tips on How to Grow Sunflowers in Your Garden - Thursday's Tip

5 Tips for Growing Sunflowers in Your Garden is this week's Thursday's Tip from Walking on Sunshine Recipes.

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Planting Sunflowers in Your Garden

Delight in the beauty of sunflowers in your own garden. Here's an easy way in growing them successfully.