IRON SHARPENS IRON OUTDOORS – Bucket / Garbage Can Potates

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Planting potatoes in the home vegetable garden is not very difficult, but does have a couple important steps. A very important thing to remember about growing potatoes is to make sure you use certifie

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Sweet potatoes are grown from plants, not seeds or bulbs. You can purchase sweet potato plants at a garden center or online. You can als...

Sweet Potatoes grow from plants. Not seeds. March is a great time of year to start & later get them in ground as they do not like cold. Be sure to start w-organic sweet potatoes bc groc store ones are treated w-anti-sprouting chemicals. Pull sprouts at about 4-5" long & put them all in another jar of water. The potato will continue sprouting. Keep new sprout bunches in water until roots are established. Plant after you pull out your peas, in 10" mounds of warm soil on JULY 4. (Eastern PA).

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These beautiful flowers can actually help repel insect and soil pests, with an added bonus of creating a colorful focal point to your vegetable garden! Petunias, nasturtiums, chrysanthemums, geraniums, marigolds, and dahlias can all contribute to your vegetable garden health!

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