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How to Make Wine Bottle Plant Waterer, from  This may be great for vacations

Make Wine Bottle Plant Waterer

How to Make Wine Bottle Plant Waterer, from This may be great for vacations

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Simple to use. <b>An automatic plant watering system for indoor plants.</b> Perfect for vacationers!! Made in Austria - not the Chinese knock-off. Free shipping by POST.

Don't let your houseplants suffer while you're away from home. Rig up this DIY self-watering wicking system.

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Askham Bryan: Young Gardeners of the Year Show Garden

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Greenhouse guide: 13 incredibly useful tips

Greenhouse guide: 13 incredibly useful tips. If you want the luxury of an in-greenhouse mains supply, some plumbing is needed. A greenhouse roof harvests a surprising volume of rainwater, so store it in butts. Watering techniques range from devotional use of a watering can to a semi-automatic system if you’re away from home a lot.- Telegraph

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Going on Vacation? 3 DIY Self Watering Ideas for the Garden

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Irrigation spikes - attach these spikes to old soft drink bottles to create an efficient irrigation system for your garden! The slow-drip design delivers water deep into the soil, so your plants stay nourished while you save time watering.

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Vacation Proof Your Garden with These Easy DIY Methods

Great gardening tip! Super simple DIY hacks to set up before you leave for vacation to vacation-proof your garden and ensure your plants don't die while you're gone! They take just a few minutes, and will make a world of a difference for your garden! ::

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Summer border with Robinia pseudoacacia 'Frisia', Achillea, Santolina, Dahlia, Salvia, Delphinium, Kniphofia, Papaver and Philadelphus at Eastgrove Cottage Garden in Worcestershire.

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Ever heard of Greywater? Find out how greywater systems save water and learn more in with GEF's free Green Building Program!

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Photo: Rachel Glass My mom and I have really been expanding our gardening knowledge lately. Though there is a lot more to learn, we h...

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The hexagon cells that make up each COREgravel panel form a rigid honeycomb design that holds gravel in place and supports load distribution. The underside is a geotextile allowing water to drain easily and prevents weed growth. Interlocking system edges support assembly.

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No Pump Automatic Watering!

In this instructable I'm going to show you how you can make your very own automatic plant watering system. The best part? This solution requires no pump!The benefit of using an automatic watering system is that you avoid having your plants start to dry out, and you also wont accidentally soak your plants. The moisture is kept at the perfect level for your plants and you end up using less water!There's a lot of different automatic watering systems out there. These seem to work great however…

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Plant a Winter Hanging Basket

A self-watering hanging basket - perfect if you're going away (or just forget to give your plants a drink!)

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A stilted hedge of Hornbeams and an Oroko fence mounted on top of the existing boundary wall ensure privacy to this garden in Holland Park, UK

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51 Outdoor Lighting Ideas to Light Up your Garden with Style

Check how to light up your garden with style! We've gathered some examples that will inspire you. For more examples, please check

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Dubbed "Malthus," this Ikea-hacked project by Conceptual Devices pieces together a 100g fish tank, plastic grow beds, a pump and piping onto an IKEA Broder shelf, with wheels. Malthus is designed to be an in-home unit, and to grow one meal a day, a portion of fish with a side of salad. If you don't know yet, aquaponics is basically hydroponics + fish in a sustainable loop. The fish provides nutrients and CO2 to the plants, and the plants in turn purifies the water and returns O2 to the…

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A truly versatile member of the Barcelona range by Elho, the All-in-1 Planter in White combines a planter, saucer and hanging rack in one elegant and robust piece. The saucer also serves as the plant's watering system, preventing root rot and helping to preserve the plant in top condition. Add colour to your balcony quickly and easily without fear of rain damage, as the double coated material offers optimum protection against corrosion.

'I have never been able to grow herbs indoors until now. Thank you Garden Gods for this incredible product!' Elise W. Finally and indoor herb kit that is stylish sustainable and fertile with succe...

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