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Try this science experiment with children over the course of several days. Fill up 4 vases with different coloured water and put 1 white carnation in each one. Watch the flowers over the next four days change to the colour of the water.

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DIY Mason Bee House from dead plant stems and tin can

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Naples garlic The structure of garlic could be mistaken for exquisite coloured glass. When a tiny stem section is stained with toluidine blue, a dye that builds up in the acidic parts of tissue, nucleic acids show up in blue. The dark spot is a bundle of vascular tissue that carries nutrients and fluids up the stem. The full image is a composite of 55 shots.

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CEROPEGIA-WOODII-String-of-Hearts Tuber beads are small beads which form on stem at the leaf bases. Can be planted to produce new vines. Press the tuber into the soil, & keep it moist (not wet), plant the bead while it is still attached to the mother plant, for speedier rooting. Once rooted & growing, sever from the main plant.

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Plants 'seen doing quantum physics'

Electron microscope closeup of plant stem

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FALSE STAGHORN FERN, HAWAII VOLCANOES NATIONAL PARK, HAWAII Ferns are over 370 million years old. Their rigid stem helps to transport water and nutrients to the plant head.

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Echinacea 'Summer Cloud' 2/8/15 These just made me smile.

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Flax plant stem, light micrograph (plate with gems instead of cells)

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A Garden For All Seasons

seating-area-in-garden More

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How to: plant a herbaceous perennial border

peonies, irises, salvia, lamb’s ears, phlox, 'Bath’s Pink’ dianthus

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