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Hayden Planetarium is a public planetarium, part of the Rose Center for Earth and Space of the American Museum of Natural History in New York City.

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Ambiguous Relationships_Observatory moves the world :: Student: Benjamin Ruswick - University: Harvard Graduate School of Design, Location: Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States. [ Thesis ] M.Arch // C.A. Denari’s Inverted Observatory

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I love the way this building looks as though it's sinking in the water - Valencia City Arts and Sciences Building. Santiago Calatrava

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Spin a Yard - Amiens, France - Landscape Architects Atelier Altern, Sylvain Morin, and Aurelien Zoia

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Nagoya Science Museum and Planetarium, Aichi, Japan 名古屋市科学館. Astrogeographic position: in the highly imaginative spiritual water sign Pisces the sign of outer space and a highly auspiscious sign for museum and it`s opposition sign the earth sign Virgo. Valid for field level 4.

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Resultado de imagem para HAYDEN PLANETARIUM architecture More

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Visit the Royal Observatory Greenwich to stand on the historic Prime Meridian of the World, see the home of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT), and explore your place in the universe at London’s only planetarium. ---

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the aqua horological tintinnabulator. The victoria centre Nottingham, the wonderful harpsichord music that is part of the clocks beauty has been turned off! Bad move Nottingham!

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