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Planet Sport Indonesia

Weu Seng Chen, from Malaysia took first prize in the sports category at the World Press Photo awards for his picture of the Pacu Jawi in Indonesia.

from Mail Online

As Messi celebrates his birthday, here are 28 of his best pictures

Lionel Messi gets a surprise soaking by a sprinkler during an Argentina training session during the 2006 World Cup in Germany

from Mail Online

Cristiano Ronaldo poses with Brazilian model Alessandra Ambrosio

Cristiano Ronaldo poses with Alessandro Ambrosio after filming their top secret new projec...


If you have nothing to say, don't say anything. Posting anything that touches me, colors, patterns, shapes, moods, etc. Poppies mostly and other flowers, rain, NYC, are just a few of my favorites. My...


A babirusa or “pig-deer”; This hairless, prehistoric-looking member of the pig family is found in Indonesia. Some scientists believe it may be more closely related to the Hippopotamus. Only males sport these impressive, wildly bizarre tusks. The ones protruding from the top of the snout are actually his upper canines, which grow UP rather than DOWN, penetrating through the skin, curling back towards the head, & in some cases, penetrating the skull a second time.


Air Jordan Retro 10 - will release at Planet Sport Senayan City May 23 2016 Welcome to Jakarta - Indonesia, Jumpman!!!


Just to remind you, it is almost my birthday after all.. *grin* -- Warrior LFC Junior Home SS Jersey planet sports indonesia