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Vaping Monkey eJuice PLANET OF THE GRAPES - This would be like vaping "grape flavored kool aid" without all the sugar and over sweetness. .

Most pet owners around the globe are feeding dry commercial pet foods. It's not enough for a healthy diet. BE CAREFUL - some things are bad for them, like onions and grapes, etc, so check first!


there's a fable of a fox looking at the reflection of the grapes he holds in his mouth, soon he covets the grapes he sees in the reflection more than the ones he has, and drops the ones he has into the water and dives in after the illusion... really, that's too much for a child to bare, bad fairy tales!


"The sun, with all those planets revolving around it and dependent on it, can still ripen a bunch of grapes as if it had nothing else in the universe to do" - Galileo Galilei It's already the Fourth Sunday of Advent! I wish you all a happy sunday :) ______________________________________________ Special thanks goes to @sturtenugget 🍇🍇, I wish you a great baby shower today 👶

These turn out to be really cute! All you need is paper mache mix, balloons and some yarn. 1) blow up the balloons 2) slowly drape the yarn around the balloon 3) cover the yarn in the paper mache mix 4) let dry for 24 hours 5) pop the balloon and TA-DA cute little lanterns :)


Planet of The Grapes. Pinterest wouldn't upload anything from their site so here's an article on them instead. Best wine shop in London, plus they do incredible tastings at their Bow Lane restaurant. This will change your life. See Awesome Prosecco for wines I've only drunk on their recommendation, and have always been back for more!

What they say 68 and Boston comes courtesy of Eric Yu (Opium/The Social), Martin Malley (co-owner of Planet of the Grapes) and Luca Cordiglieri (former bar manager at China Tang at The Dorchester). It combines an all-day-to-night wine bar and cocktail lounge. What we say 68 and Boston function as two distinct places: past the shared entrance hall is wine bar 68 and to the right, upstairs, cocktail hub Boston. They share a roof and little else.

Poverty. No, not in Africa. Across the street. Tell me again how it's his fault and you can't be bothered with taxes??


Vegetarian Burrito Bowls

Vegetarian Burrito Bowl - serve in the centre of the table next to a stack of warm tortillas and hot salsa