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Plane Geometry Definition

from Laughing Squid

Disorienting Geometric Installations by Esther Stocker

Black & White geometric spaces created by linear patterns and planes. Installations by Esther Stocker.

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What Does The Shape Say? & Quadrilateral Quotes!

What Does the Shape Say? Blog post and booklets with FUN plane and solid shape writing activities! $


Geometry Activity on Point, Line & Graph definitions


'Flipping' the Classroom...activity involving the students discovering the definitions, characteristics, and pictures of new vocabulary


21 different characters to choose from for this fun four quadrant graphing worksheet.


Math = Love: Algebra 2 Interactive Notebook Pages for Unit 1

tumblr_mftxgyDjed1r9gv8go1_500.jpg (500×653) Sacred Geometry <3


Ramblings of a fifth and sixth grade teacher....: Carpet Coordinate Plane

from Teachers Pay Teachers

Coordinate Plane Vocabulary Foldable

This download is for a one page foldable for the Coordinate Plane. Great for an interactive notebook!The vocabulary words given are: Coordinate PlaneOrdered PairX-AxisY-AxisQuadrants Origin X-CoordinateY-Coordinatethe foldable allows you to write in 2 spaces giving optimal usage for an example or drawing and the definition.Descriptions of MY definitions are included, but not required as the foldable is blank on the inside.ENJOY!


This is a foldable for students to learn about Points, Lines, and Planes.Students have the space to fill, by guided instruction, what each-Diagram looks like-Definition-How the figure is referred to or called-Bullet points to list other specific information such as collinear, coplanar, etc.