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A Place Value Project: My Birthday Party

Awesome Project Based Learning Activity: Planning My Birthday Party - Students plan their dream birthday celebration while practicing place value skills.

Place Value In The Wild - Place Value Project Based Learning (PBL)

Place Value Project - your students will love applying their place value skills during this interactive math project. The D.I.Y. Project Guide from Core Inspiration by Laura Santos walks your students through every detail of the project to maximize student independence. Finally, project based learning is possible!


A Place Value Project: My Birthday Party

This project was created to allow students to practice place value in an engaging and fun way by by planning their birthday party.Skills included:RoundingComparing NumbersWord FormExpanded FormStandard FormPlacing Numbers on a Number LinePlace ValueOrdering NumbersThis project is sure to get your students excited.


Hopes and Dreams....have all pieces pre-cut for students. This would be a great 1st day activity for hopes and dreams for the school year to keep on display all year long :-)


Place Value Project

DIFFERENTIATED Place Value Project! Your students will love practicing their place value skills as a real life, crime-solving detective. As the students start up their own detective agency, they must also solve 5 crimes that require them to use their place value skills. {4 of the pages have two different options to maximize your differentiation!)