Red Baron Thin & Crispy Pizza Jut $1.98 at Walmart!

real easy, delicious, crustless low carb pizza! jut cook ground beef put on bottom of pan layer either pizza sauce or tomatoes then cheese and whatever other toppings your enjoy. bake on 400 for 20 min.

Best smores pizza I've had. Especially if you add a little marshmallow and chocolate chip. They actually put chips in the crust. :-)

Ha Olaszország, akkor tuti a pizza jut mindenkinek az eszébe, pedig vannak ott még más ínycsiklandó ételek is. Ilyen például az milánói Ossobucco, amit sáfrányos rizottóval és gremolataval hoztunk el nektek. Mindenképp megér egy misét! Fogjunk is bele!Ossobucco milánói módraAz…

No idea what they used for a filling. Could go sweet like brown sugar and cinnamon, or savory like pizza. No recipe, jut a idea.

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Tomatoes were another item traded on the Columbian Exchange. They were used for food. Today we use tomatoes for a lot of the food we eat. We put them in salads, dice them for soups, purée for pizza, or jut eat them plain. Tomatoes are commonly used everyday in the United States.

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