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Pixie-Bob Cat Personality - Bing Images

Pixie-Bobs - The Pixie-bob is a breed of domestic cat. The breed was claimed to be the progeny of naturally occurring bobcat hybrids; while some DNA-tested Pixie-bobs have showed wild markers, few if any contributed to breeding programs. Pixie-bobs are considered wholly domestic for the purposes of ownership, cat fancy registration, import and export.

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Pixie-Bob Cats Cattery | ... lion, bobcat and bear: Anson Road Pixie Bob cats, News.: May 2012

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Pixie-bob cat - I WANT ANOTHER ONE!!! BAD!! 50% of Pixie-bobs have proudfeet (polydactyl)

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pixie bob cat love my friends cat love u Toby!!

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#2 PIXIE BOB ---Top 5 Best Cat Breeds In The World

Could probably never have anything but a pixie bob again! Best cats ever :)

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The Pixie Bob Cat - Pixie Bob Gallery II

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pixie-bob kitten frm anson road pixie bobs - my cat :)

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