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Lemon Drizzle Cake (Sorry Starbucks

I don’t have an office. 99% of my meetings are held in cafes & restaurants all over London. Mostly people are adventurous & like trying little independent places, but every now & then you find yourself a Starbucks addict. I don’t mind Starbucks. They have big comfy chairs & free wifi… but the food? Half... Read more

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Greek Meatballs recipe (Keftedes)

Discover all the secrets behind the perfect meatballs! Crispy, juicy and absolutely delicious, this dish commonly served as part of a meze platter with some creamy tzatziki sauce and pita breads as the ideal party/finger food!

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Chicken Shawarma with Hummus & Pita This is the easiest way to make chicken wraps. I 've been looking for a recipe like this since a long time. It's easy and healthy

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How is this for breakfast perfection? Toasted Greek pita topped up with creamy mashed avocado , drizzled with a bit of lemon and finished ...

Pablo Pita seeks the balance between procedural... - Thisispaper

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