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Pisces is full of mystery and secrets, but there is great sadness under those blue waves.

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Pisces - Zodiac Constellations Archival Art Print

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It's a good thing I'm beauty cause I wont punch anyone, and I'm about as graceful as a fish out of water

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The zodiac Signs at a party. Haha this is funny>>two things one of course the party starts when I walk in two not Libra Im after Sagittarius:)

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I'm a libra. What are you?

I'm a libra. What are you?

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Pisces: #Pisces the Fish. >>> I'm not sure about the noise, I have a big family so it's never quiet, only at certain times and even then I don't like to keep it absolutely quiet, instead I put the TV on low volume or something to fill the silence. And I'm not too private but the rest, definitely.

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ℓιвяα ♎️ It will only be welcome from another Libra. One who truly understands and doesn't have any hidden agendas.

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Everybody alway's says you are such a calm person and so laid back. They have never watched me around my kid's then when they are acting all silly 😜😂🙏

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Sometimes it's really difficult being on the cusp of Cancer and Leo. In instances like this, I usually take after just one of the sign's attributes. In this one, I actually take after both...which makes me very hard to please....

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Okey, who the fu*k still believes in horoscopes? Even though there are currently 13 signs, but the astrologists still only count and predict 12? Also: Who the fu*k counts fire, air, earth, and water as elements? That hasn't really been done in rather a long time. (Have you ever seen a periodic table, FFS?!) The worst thing is yet to come: I found this pin on a board called "Nature Science"! Wow. I think that actually makes me speechless. -Ragne.

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pisces: So true, I am constantly seeking a connection to God, to be in a place of awe and serendipity, it is so fleeting, but when you are there it is magical!

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I try to harness my mind, but you may just have to embrace it at where it is in it's journey right now.

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Read more about your Zodiac Sign~ I'm an Aries but always have (and probably always will) feel more like a "moon" person

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Almost ironic that I suffer from these same symptoms and am diagnosed with Major Depression Disorder. Guess it's a Pisces thing after all...

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