Barbossa has a simple shorter beard compared to the others. in some of the later Pirates of The Caribbean movies, he looks much older and tired looking, this could be something I consider in my character look. Adding and old age makeup to finish my look.

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Captain Hook's, homemade hook :) All you need is a recycled cup, and a piece of cardboard. It's all handy work after that :)

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Elizabeth Swan: a pirate. It only really dawned on me just how much of a pirate she became when I saw Angelica in OST, and how she didn't want to kill anyone. She didn't want to be like Elizabeth. I wish I still had the films with me.

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The following starred in the radio version of this film: Lux Radio Theater - 37-02-22 Captain Blood - Errol Flynn, Olivia De Havilland, Basil Rathbone, Donald Crisp, Henry Stephenson, Charles Courtney, Douglas MacLean, Charles Courtney, Douglas MacLean, Ferdinand Munier, Vernon Downing, Leo McCabe, Ward Dane, Eric Snowden, Wyndham Standing, Vernon Steele, Edward Cooper, Eric Lonsdale, Lou Merrill, Helen Brown, Jerry Gail, Charles Emerson. CD #002M available from

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The Pirate Movie with Christopher Atkins & Kristy McNichol...Watched over and over and over!

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