Green Sand: Papakolea Beach, Hawaii

Where to Find Pink Sand Beaches (and Black, and Green...)

Where to Find Pink Sand Beaches (and Black, and Green.

Pink Sand Beach, Bahamas

10 Unusual Beaches You Would of Never Heard Of Photos. Pink Sand Beach, Bahamas Again, the name gives it away. Eroded particles from red corals has given this beaches sand a pinkish glow.

Guess we won't be staying on the ship the next time we dock in the Bahamas!!  Pink Sands Beach, Harbour Island, Bahamas

32 Harbour Island, Bahamas Harbour Island has one of the Caribbean's prettiest beaches: three miles of pink sand that stretches along the island's east coast. From: World's Strangest Beaches >Most Pinned Travel Photos: Harbour Island, Bahamas

Makua Beach, Waianae, Oahu, Hawaii

Photo of Makua Beach - Waianae, HI, United States. January 2015 at this is what Makua Beach looked like through my iPhone lense.

Green Sand Beach: Papakolea Beach - Hawaii Island, Hawaii

10 Beaches Where the Sand Color is the Main Attraction

Green Sand Beach: Papakolea Beach - Hawaii Island, Hawaii

Lanikai Beach, Hawaii - pink sand, teal waters, blue sky. I never saw a beach with actual pink sand - love it!

Lanikai Beach, Hawaii pink sand beach This is my favorite spot in the world.

Amazing Natural Beaches - The North Shore Coastline, Oahu, Hawaii

Pink Sands Beach – Located in the beautiful Harbour Island, Bahamas. Harbour Island is well-known for its light Pink Sand Beaches.

Riding horseback on the pink sand beaches of Eleuthera, Bahamas near Pineapple Fields Resort.

Go horseback riding on one of the most beautiful pink sand beaches in the Bahamas. Oceanview Farm horse riding facility, Governor’s Harbour, Eleuthera Island.