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Colors Fruits by André Britz

We had to shoot hand colored fruits for a small installation project. Very impressiv how the changed colors are confusing our viewing habits.

dragon fruit - we've never bought them to eat, but she loves the pink color and likes to pretend they're exotic fish swimming in the produce aisle.

Dragon-fruit / Pitaya [Hylocereus undatus] - with amazing colors . make a very nice rum.

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we love this set up and we really love fruit |

The #girlspopup is forever

here at the penthouse, when we’re not working hard designing cute stuff for you guys, we& usually in FULL ON summer mode.

Grown from a cactus, this peculiar pink fruit - also known as a pitaya - is packed with vitamins

Bizarre fruit that you've never heard of - but HAVE to try

As our daily diets become increasingly exotic, FEMAIL picks out the weirdest, most interesting and healthiest fruit growing around the world from hot pink dragonfruit to the custardy cherimoya.

Happy Flute Heavy Wetter "Pink Fruits"

Happy Flute Heavy Wetter "Pink Fruits"

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