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Lush Think Pink bathbomb, turns the water a beautiful pink colour with little confetti hearts in it; also smells lovely & makes my skin so soft :)

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~SpreadYourWings♡~ .¸¸.•*¨*•xAngelrose♡•*¨*•.¸¸.

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Loved styling this 'petite millbrooke' pink bath painted in Mylands limited edition 'Blush'. The small bath is super cute but the colour is awesome too.

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LUSH... Melting marshmallow melt $9.70,Rose jam bubbleroon $8.90,Comforter bubble bar $11.90,S bomb $6.90,Rose queen $5.90

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Lush bath bombs are divine« and then I would think it looked really cool and sit in there all day and become a raisin..

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BUBBLEGUM BEAUTIES BY LUSH - Snow Fairy, Magic Wand, Snow Fairy Sparkle and The Godmother. My favourite flavours, I got most of these for Christmas!!

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Lush "Think Pink" bath bombs one of my favourites! Feeling dull and gloomy. try this girly and spontaneous bath bomb that will kick you up a noch....

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Many spas incorporate natural elements into their treatments, such as sea salt, fragrant essential oils, and flower petals.

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