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WHERE DID YOUR PASSION FOR PHOTOGRAPHY COME FROM? I have always been interested in drawing and making things from a very young age. At...


Nursery Decor, Nursery Ballerina Art, Hand Painted Canvas, Baby Shower (PINK Ballerina Jumping)


glass, England, An English, Webb Cameo [glass] vase, pink background decorated with a deep acid cut back design of oriental poppies with full foliage in white. Vase has a trademark Webb butterfly cameo to side of vase. finishing this baluster form vase with flared lip is a band of white at top and bottom. circa 1875-1925


does the hold print have to be pink? this screen print has made me consider weather all of my print has to be pink. could the background be pink and the nature part of the print and then the random pink inspired object a eye catching black? how would this effect the views given off the print?