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Got Knee Pain? Try This Cinnamon-Pineapple Smoothie To Nourish Your Joints And Fight Inflammation

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Drink Pineapple juice first thing in the morning. Helps with inflammation, weight loss, helps flush parasites,regulates thyroid, Balances electrolytes,Gets rid of heavy metals and toxins, digestive aid,Strengthens gums and helps whiten and preserve teeth, Improves vision, protects from cancer.

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The Health Benefits of Fruit

Fruit For Health - The Sweet & Juicy Benefits Of 20 Natural Disease Fighters [Infographic]

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Ask the Diva: What’s in That Liquid on Top of the Yogurt?

Should you pour off the liquid that sits on top of yogurt or are you pouring nutrients down the sink?

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Kick Booty Kale Pineapple Smoothie

Banana Kale Pineapple Smoothie — the BEST, most delicious green smoothie! Packed with protein, it keeps you full, so it’s great for weightloss or detox. Easy, healthy, and even kids love it! Recipe at | @wellplated

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We should all be Eating more Turmeric, here's Why...

Who needs medication when nature gave us turmeric? Take a look at the incredible health benefits of this plant.

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Try Drinking Pineapple Water Every Morning for a Year And This Will Happen

pineapple water

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What Happens If You Drink Pineapple Water On An Empty Stomach

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