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The Pineal Gland Diet

The pineal gland is known as the master gland, and is also the gland that governs our third eye, making it the center of psychic awareness in the human brain. It is smaller than a kidney bean and is located inside a 'cave' behind the pituitary gland. This amazing gland produces the hormone melatonin, which…


In this new video Justin Verrengia breaks down the GREATEST COVER-UP to ever exist in human history... It's on your Pineal Gland. Learn how to activate it, awakening your third eye and extra sensory super powers you never knew existed.

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How to Decalcify The Pineal Gland

Hi everyone, This is a repost (link at the bottom) of an article I found very interesting. The pineal gland is also known as the spiritual Third Eye and controls many functions of our body among th…


936Hz Pineal Gland Activator - Activating the 3rd Eye ~ As we evolve as multi-dimensional beings the piezoelectric calcite crystals of the pineal gland act as receivers of light and information. This audio track serves to access, activate, and increase the "secret of the brain" the Pineal Gland. 22 min. frequency assisted track.

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The Pineal Gland and Intuition: What's the link?

The pineal gland is considered the gateway to opening and awakening your intuition, but why? Get answers without confusion in this post.