Guardian Horse Bedding Swift Pick Pine Shavings

walnut filler board custom cut to match the natural edges of the oak planks. hayrake base

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we're using these eco-friendly canapé cones made from pine shavings for evening nibbles

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Pine Shavings is an excellent Rabbit Litter and Rabbit Nestbox bedding (underneath straw/hay). The scientific explanation of why pine shavings are fine for bunnies.

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For all my kitty-loving friends, this really IS the best cat litter ever! It's corn-based (instead of clay), so when you pour it, scoop it out, etc. dust doesn't go flying everywhere. It clumps JUST as good as Tidy Cats and is healthier for you & the environment! Not very expensive, either.

Pine shavings for bottom of brooder. Next time, I'd get a smaller bale from the pet supply store. This size was a bit daunting for the home-hatching situation. Guardian Horse Bedding Premium Pine Shavings at Blain's Farm & Fleet

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