ponderation: “ Wild Flowers in the Pine Forest by Jungshik Lee ”

Am I the only one that thought about the hunger games rose field where katniss put rue in?

ι ғιη∂ вεαυтү ιη ηαтυяε (Want more pins like this? Follow me! ▶︎ @allegromaestoso)

Misty mountains The 30 Most Beautiful Nature Photography - organic adventure in the wild through a forest of evergreen trees in the fall autumn through fog like a hippie boho bohemian with a rushing white blue lake plus a brook with rocks and pebbles

*BounceDrop stared at his mother as she hissed at him* I've hated you! ever sense you were born I sensed you'd be too soft! *she hissed. he glared at her and padded off. he glared at the ground as he walked away. his thoughts considered the dark forest* I'll show her- *He looked up to see you* (Open RP)

Fresh green pines along a dirt path- beauty is where you find it! It's important that we appreciate the place we are in right now.

✮ Pine trees with snowy landscape at sunset in winter

Pine Forest Canvas Print / Canvas Art by www.WM ArtPhoto.se

✮ Pine trees with snowy landscape at sunset in winter - Sweden. I hate snow & winter & cold, but this picture is, ugh, pretty.