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A nod and a wink to the great American pin-up queens and artists who inspired this design. These retro pin-up girls will brighten the gloomiest of days.

I THINK I JUST FOUND THE POSE I WANT FOR MY PIN UP TATTOO... pinned with #Bazaart - www.bazaart.me

Maly Siri's PIN UP ART ! Vivienne Westwood Fragrance "Naughty Alice", illustration by Maly Siri

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Tattoo inspiration for anyone. I have always been a fan of pin up tattoos and art in general.

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Self Made by Susana Alonso Boxing Gloves Girl Tattoo Canvas Art Print – moodswingsonthenet < Niko tattoo idea

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Vintage 50s Pin-up Illustration Art Print

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Pastry chef pin-up girl by David Corden.

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