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DIY Modern Pin Curls Tutorial - Once Wed

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Voluminous Blowouts and Retro Pin Curls: easy way to curl hair with damp hair wrap hair like so and pin then blow dry or sleep in it

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This Easy DIY Proves Anyone Can Do Pin Curls Like a Pro

Continue this process until all of your hair has been pinned up. Air-dry or diffuse hair until it feels thoroughly cooled to the touch. If you like, you can wrap your hair in a silk scarf and sleep on it overnight to ensure that it's completely dry.

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How to Do Pin Curls on Longer Ish Hair.... Always had a hard time with those flat ones hopefully this can help me

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Pin-curl Pattern "The above picture demonstrates a close up of what they curls should look like. It is very important to alternate the directions of the curls."

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17 Vintage Hairstyles With Tutorials for You to Try

The Footman James Sywell Classic: Pistons & Props Inspiration #CURLSAREIN

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